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60 Seconds Time Out 050616

This week’s Flag On The Play winner is not the CHEATriots’ Tom Pretty Boy Brady who continues to drag out his suspension. He is a runner up though. Instead it is a former NFL player Dana Stubnlefield, who has been charged with raping a mentally disabled women. Even though the story is a little strange, he should’ve had enough sense to say no. He saud it was consensual; she says it was rape. Either way it shouldn’t happen. He knew this woman wasn’t mentally able to give consent. Why put yourself and your family in that situation. Wait, she was interviewing for a babysitting job? Is he married? Apparently, not for long. His wife filed for divorce after he was charged. Stubblefield ruined his family. He is a sick, twisted individual who needs to be thrown under the jail! Dana Stubblefield, RESPECK this……..this FLAG and the local prison is for you!

60 Seconds Time Out 042916

This week’s Flag On The Play winner is the person who tried to sabotage Laremy Tunsil minutes before being drafted into the NFL. Someone hacked into this young man’a account and started posting pictures and videos that were very disturbing. When I first saw them, I said this young man is foolish. Why would he do something so wreckless? Now don’t get me wrong, I know this young man is not a Saint, but none of us are. We have all made mistakes. However, for someone to do this to him or anyone for that matter, during a time when he should be celebrating is just cruel. I wish this young man, Laremy Tunsil all the best and I hope he learns from his mistakes. Please don’t fall into the trap like many before you. Take this opportunity to go higher. To the person behind this cruel and cowardly act, this FLAG is for you! You shall reap what you sow!

60 Seconds Time Out 040816

60 Seconds Time Out 060713

60 Seconds Time Out 053113

Let’s meet this week’s Flag On The Play contenders – all the HEAT HATERS. You are contenders, just because you are HATERS. You always call, email, inbox, tweet, text, etc. when Miami lose 1 game, but you are never around when they win. You are a runner up this week; a Finland soccer fan streaked across the field (Seriously streak –naked), as his team scored a goal. The points were waived by the referee because of the fan’s distraction; it is obvious that the Mets/Yankees don’t care for each other, but the Mets went too far , when they charged Yankees fans 3x more for tickets to the game; NBA referee Crawford & the NFL replacement referees may have graduated from the same school…FootLocker University. His play calling the other night was laughable; NBA Commish Stern is a contender for fining Miami’s Lebron James for flopping in game 4. Ummmmm, did he NOT see Battier? When does he leave again? It doesn’t matter, it is not soon enough; former NFL players, Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson have problems with young Justin Bieber driving wildly through their neighborhood. Now Bieber fans are in an uproar. The Bieber fans are contenders. It was NOT your neighborhood so stop talking; anyhoo….member of Congress sent Redskins’ owner, Daniel Snyder a letter telling him that the name is offensive to some people, and he should NEVER say he will NEVER change it. Ummmm, like they do not have bigger things to worry about; Tampa Bay Rays’ Josh Sale was suspended when he took to social media to tell the world that he was at a strip club throwing 50 cents at the stripper. He went on to say that she was just a stripper and should be grateful. He should be grateful that all he received was a suspension; Rutgers’ Athletic Director, Julie Hermann is under investigation because former volleyball players wrote a letter criticizing her coaching style 16/17 years ago. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! If you had a problem with her calling you “whores, alcoholics, and learning disabled”, you should have expressed that years ago. You know I do not condone abuse of any kind, but the people filing this lawsuit are contenders; speaking of Ms. Hermann….I heard she is part of a sex discrimination scandal. A female assistant coach voiced concerns over sexual discrimination to Julie Hermann when she was the senior athletic adviser in Louisville. Ms. Hermann did nothing to resolve the issue. The employee then went to Human Resources and Ms. Hermann sent emails stating that the young lady shouldn’t have gone to HR and that she didn’t know if she could protect her after doing that; all of these contenders deserve a flag, but this week’s winner is more deserving. The NCAA, you are this week’s recipient of the Flag On The Play award for giving a female student golfer a fine for washing her car on campus. They are forcing her to pay the University $20, because she used the university’s water and hose. Get your life! That ain’t cute at all and you deserve more than a flag!

60 Seconds Time Out 021113

Really Quick – Lil Wayne got kicked out the Lakers vs Heat game in Miami yesterday. He said it was because he was cheering for the other LA team. Spectators said he was asked to leave because he got into it with a fan and made a hand gesture that looked like him shooting a gun. This is out of control! We have too many senseless killings by people with guns, we don’t need people pretending to shoot others. He should be banned from everywhere. Anyhoo, did I mention that the Attention Seeker Kobe and the rest of the other LA squad felt a little Heat yesterday. For all you haters……Can you feel it?!!! Key the music. It’s getting hot in here. Way to go, Miami

60 Seconds Time Out 020813

This week’s contenders are – Cleveland fans are contenders for trying to get anti-Lebron James licenses plates. Get your life! He has been gone for years now and so should your anger; Knicks’ JR Smith and the Nets’ Kris Humphries (K. Kardashians’ husband but not her baby daddy) are going after each other. Brooklyn beat NY and Humphries said that the Garden got quiet after the game. Smith replied back by saying that that the garden wasn’t so quiet last month when Kanye tore it down. Ouch; speaking of taunting…Duke Fans should be ashamed of themselves for chanting, “How is your grandmother?” during a game. The game was against their rival North Carolina State. They are contenders because they were taunting NC State’s guard, whose grandmother passed recently. My grandmother use to say some people can have so much book sense, but are still just plain stupid; the Brewers’ Ryan Brawn’s name appeared in evidence taken from a Miami Biogenesis clinic, after he was cleared of failing a drug test because of a mishandled urine sample; Redskins OB, R2D2 received the Rookie of the Year award in New Orleans last weekend, but refused to attend the Superbowl game, because he was not playing. Is he showing signs of being a DIVA? San Francisco Giants, Sergio Romo got into a scuffle with the TSA people at the airport. Ummm, while I feel his pain, violence is not the answer; an ex-LA cop, Christopher Dorner shot and killed a Cal State Fullerton basketball coach and her fiancé. He also stated in a package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Tebow needs to get away from the Jets because he is a great football player, and listed women athletes that he thought were beautiful like Serena Williams, Diana Taurasi, Brenda Villa and more. Ummmm, I am only going to say a few things…why does he look like a beefed up verse of LL Cool J? Mental illness is real, and I pray that he gets some help. He really knows his sports. He called the Jets’ Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez reality T.V. stars. For that reason, I will not give him a flag, plus he is still on the loose and the police can’t seem to find him, but the LA police couldn’t find OJ either; would give former 76ers’ Allen Iverson a flag, but he has loss his home, was ordered by a judge to attend AA meetings, and he lost custody of his children all in a short period of time, so I will let him slide too; Deion Sanders now thinks he is a doctor. He is diagnosing people with a disease called, “GREED!” He doesn’t think people who have suffered from brain disease should sue the NFL. Ummmm, he is a runner up but not the winner; before I announce the winner of this week’s Flag On The Play, I want to send a special congrats to Reindeer Ray and the Ray-vens for becoming the Superbowl Champions. This week’s winner is the city of New Orleans for having a blackout during the Superbowl. You had years to test and retest your system and you still didn’t get it right. You almost cause Reindeer and company the BIG game! For that you deserve this week’s FLAG!

60 Seconds Time Out 052312

Athletes/Fans Behaving Badly – After OKC put the other LA team (FAKERS) out of their misery on Monday, violence erupted outside the arena injuring at least 8 people. Today, I am happy to report that a suspect has been arrested. Sports are meant to bring happiness. Someone has to lose. Stop the madness; B Fine’s wife is suing ESPN for defamation of character and claiming that she knew her husband abused young kids. Ok, lets look at his for a second…your husband brings young boys home often, and he was missing for hours at a time, but you never thought that was suspicious behavior? She may lose that one; speaking of losing battles…the Redskins and Cowboys loss their salary cap fight against the NFL. Redskins said they have to regroup and discuss how this affects their team. Jerry Jones on the other hand said it’s time to use the credit card. Ummmm, Jerry sometime we should not say out loud the things that we think; the Pacers drew blood yesterday (No, really. The foul on D Wade cause blood to run down his face). And people think Metta World Peace is out of control. I am going to say this again….it is not that serious! And the actions still did not stop that HEAT wave! Keep it up Miami; Congrats to the LA Kings for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. At least one LA team will advance; Congratulation also goes out to the Packers’ Donald Driver for winning Dancing With The Stars. Now, I need a dance off between you and Emmitt Smith!

60 Seconds Time Out 040116

Flag On The Play winner – just when I thought the Lakers drama – D’Angelo Russell snitching on Nick Young or was it really Nicki Minaj who leaked the video was going to win this week. This lands in my lap. Now kids, if you are going to use a fake ID (which I do not condone), don’t draw any attention. Someone should’ve warned Xavier’s JP Macura. He running around pulling his pants down in bars. Macura……you got an award this week – this FLAG!–macura-arrested-after-pulling-pants-down-in-bar-203345675.html

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