Really quick – on Sunday, I gave out STARS to teams that really shined. Today is a different day and I am handing out FLAGS. Yes, I know it is early, but sometimes you have to do things when the spirit hits you. FLAG goes out to commish Goodell, because he thinks hiring four women to review his abuse policy is enough to keep us from investigating how he handle the Ray Rice fiasco. You should have hired them before this situation got out of hand. It is NOT enough to stop people from calling for your resignation; anyhoo, the Miss America committee gets a FLAG also, because they had the contestants answer a question regarding the Ray Rice situation. Not mad about that. I am mad that they crowned a young lady whose talent was playing with a Red Solo cup. Mad that I watched that foolishness. The song, “Happy” will never be the same; the Minnesota Vikings are getting a FLAG because they decided to reinstate Peterson, even though he is a repeat offender. That is why your sponsors are pulling out. Stop this foolishness before it goes too far; I know many of you are upset that Peterson is being accused of child abuse. Like many of you, my parents whipped me and my siblings with switches, but to whip a four year old where every part of his body has whelps and stick leaves in his mouth is not just a whipping that is ABUSE plain and simple. Many of you have said that you better whip your kids before the police do it. NEWSFLASH: kids that were whipped by their parents have not only been whipped by the police, but some have been shot by them as well. This is not Peterson’s first offense either. He was accused of beating another one of his kids earlier. He was four as well. Did I also mention that these kids were outside of wedlock? Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. He gets multiple FLAGS for abusing his children!