This week’s Flag On The Play winner is not the CHEATriots’ Tom Pretty Boy Brady who continues to drag out his suspension. He is a runner up though. Instead it is a former NFL player Dana Stubnlefield, who has been charged with raping a mentally disabled women. Even though the story is a little strange, he should’ve had enough sense to say no. He saud it was consensual; she says it was rape. Either way it shouldn’t happen. He knew this woman wasn’t mentally able to give consent. Why put yourself and your family in that situation. Wait, she was interviewing for a babysitting job? Is he married? Apparently, not for long. His wife filed for divorce after he was charged. Stubblefield ruined his family. He is a sick, twisted individual who needs to be thrown under the jail! Dana Stubblefield, RESPECK this……..this FLAG and the local prison is for you!