Let’s meet this week’s Flag On The Play contenders – all the HEAT HATERS. You are contenders, just because you are HATERS. You always call, email, inbox, tweet, text, etc. when Miami lose 1 game, but you are never around when they win. You are a runner up this week; a Finland soccer fan streaked across the field (Seriously streak –naked), as his team scored a goal. The points were waived by the referee because of the fan’s distraction; it is obvious that the Mets/Yankees don’t care for each other, but the Mets went too far , when they charged Yankees fans 3x more for tickets to the game; NBA referee Crawford & the NFL replacement referees may have graduated from the same school…FootLocker University. His play calling the other night was laughable; NBA Commish Stern is a contender for fining Miami’s Lebron James for flopping in game 4. Ummmmm, did he NOT see Battier? When does he leave again? It doesn’t matter, it is not soon enough; former NFL players, Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson have problems with young Justin Bieber driving wildly through their neighborhood. Now Bieber fans are in an uproar. The Bieber fans are contenders. It was NOT your neighborhood so stop talking; anyhoo….member of Congress sent Redskins’ owner, Daniel Snyder a letter telling him that the name is offensive to some people, and he should NEVER say he will NEVER change it. Ummmm, like they do not have bigger things to worry about; Tampa Bay Rays’ Josh Sale was suspended when he took to social media to tell the world that he was at a strip club throwing 50 cents at the stripper. He went on to say that she was just a stripper and should be grateful. He should be grateful that all he received was a suspension; Rutgers’ Athletic Director, Julie Hermann is under investigation because former volleyball players wrote a letter criticizing her coaching style 16/17 years ago. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! If you had a problem with her calling you “whores, alcoholics, and learning disabled”, you should have expressed that years ago. You know I do not condone abuse of any kind, but the people filing this lawsuit are contenders; speaking of Ms. Hermann….I heard she is part of a sex discrimination scandal. A female assistant coach voiced concerns over sexual discrimination to Julie Hermann when she was the senior athletic adviser in Louisville. Ms. Hermann did nothing to resolve the issue. The employee then went to Human Resources and Ms. Hermann sent emails stating that the young lady shouldn’t have gone to HR and that she didn’t know if she could protect her after doing that; all of these contenders deserve a flag, but this week’s winner is more deserving. The NCAA, you are this week’s recipient of the Flag On The Play award for giving a female student golfer a fine for washing her car on campus. They are forcing her to pay the University $20, because she used the university’s water and hose. Get your life! That ain’t cute at all and you deserve more than a flag!