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60 Seconds Time Out 031116

This week’s Flag On The Play winner is not Carolina’s Cam Newton for wearing that Pharell hat to the King James vs the Attention Seeker Kobe Bryant game last night. Instead all the fans who thought it was ok to chant racial slurs at a girls high school basketball team, while they played in a playoff game. Those fans are idiots! It is 2016 and this foolishness is still going on. Grow up people. These are children! How dare you do this to them. This week’s FLAG is all yours for your actions and your team still loss. Move on, like the ladies from McClatchy High School will do in the playoffs.


60 Seconds Time Out 030416

This week’s Flag On The Play winners are the two ladies in Redmond who called the police, because they saw a black man who was looking into the window of a building (a gym). The women said they thought he was trying to rob the place.. What would he steal? It’s a closed gym. I am going to let that go for a second. Superbowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler, Kameron Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks was searching for a gym to purchase. The ladies called the cops. The police didn’t arrest him, but this situation could’ve gone in a different direction. He could’ve gotten very angry, but cooler heads prevailed. So all is well. Can someone please tell those two ladies in Redmond that NOT EVERYONE STEALS and also let them know they received a FLAG this week for the foolishness,

60 Seconds Time Out 020516

So this week’s FLAG ON THE PLAY recipient is Johnny “Football” Manziel.  I have never seen a young man be given so many chances to get it right and he still fails.  The media stated that he went into rehab, but never stated what type of rehab he was in. He beat up his girlfriend in a car, but was not arrested.  He was given the starting position once his QB went out with an injury and Manziel flopped. He then beats up his girlfriend again and doesn’t get arrested. This young man has been blessed and he either chooses to ignore, or he doesn’t care, or he is sick and needs serious help. He is sharing the flag with all he people around him, but refuses to get him help.  Such a waste of talent. This FLAG is for you all.  You deserve it.  Can I tell you that I am happy he will NOT be going to Dallas though!

60 Seconds Time Out 012916

This week’s Flag On The Play winner is everyone who is bad mouthing Carolina’s Cam Newton. It’s one thing not to like a team or an individual on the team. I don’t like Tom Pretty Boy Brady, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Big Ben Rothlisburger, etc. but I don’t use racial slurs when talking about them. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. However, when you allow racism to try and bash others, you have gone too far! I like both Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, and they are exceptional QBs with different styles and teams. There are several arrogant people in this world. There just are many who can back it up! For everyone who can’t see past came being an African American male QB, this FLAG is for you and all that HATE in your heart. Enough already. Stop this foolishness immediately!

60 Seconds Time Out 121115

This week’s Flag On The Play winner is Stephen A. Smith! Have several seats! Not because this is my NFL team, but because I am a black American women, who has been discriminated against. Using the race card to justify keeping or dismissing a football coach is foolishness and you are ignorant. Some thing are not about race! Maybe Jerry hates having to groom coaches every year; maybe likes the way Garrett listens to his requests; maybe it’s a contract issue; maybe he is keeping him to aggravate people like you! Either way you are this week FLAG recipient! #IgnoranceHasToStopSomewhere

60 Seconds Time Out 112015

Let’s meet this week’s Flag On The Play winner – the runner up is Oakland’s Aldon Smith for failing yet another drug test. Listen, there are several people who wish they had the opportunities that you have and you throw it away because of drugs. That is just dumb; this week’s Flag goes to…….the woman who wrote the Panthers’ Cam Newton a letter stating that her young daughter was horrified by his pelvic thrusts. Ummmmmmmm, so the half naked cheerleaders with their legs, arm stomach, half of their breasts, and half of their butts out didn’t offend you or the child, but Cam’s dance minus pelvic thrusts did. Your child can’t watch television, because that is all I see. Anyhooooooo, you got a FLAG this week. Sit down and enjoy!

60 Seconds Time Out 100215

This week’s Flag On The Play goes to Chicago Bulls’ Glass Man, D Rose. How much you want to bet that he sits out this season because of this face injury? He may have to sit out anyway after he and his boys gang raped his ex-girlfriend. I am just saying. We can’t tell him to have several seats, because he is used to riding the bench. Instead, I’ll simply tell him to stand in the corner for now.

60 Seconds Time Out 091115

This week’s Flag On The Play winners are the NYPD cops who thought tennis great James Blake was an identity thief and SLAMMED him to the ground. First, check and double check to make sure you have the right person. Second, the man was minding his own business and had US Open credentials on. Finally, who tackles someone who steals someone’s identity? I appreciate good cops but seriously this is straight abuse of power. SMH. NYPD cops, this flag is for you! I expect some pink slips to be handed out over this foolishness!

60 Seconds Time Out 090415

This week’s Flag On The Play goes to……..the Cheatriots’ Tom Brady and the NFL Commish are runner ups this week. I still say that suspension was tainted from the beginning and the Commish new Pretty Boy Brady would get off.  This week someone else is more deserving.  A massage therapist who was allegedly pregnant with the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s baby, had a miscarriage, but is still suing for money. Yes, Peterson has been a busy. Did I mention he is still married and his wife is expecting? Surprise. The massage therapist wants approximately $2million, even though she miscarried.  Say what now?  You heard me. Cue Kanye……..”I ain’t saying she a gold digger………..”  Anyhoo, she is this week’s winner take this FLAG and sit down!

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