This week’s Flag On The Play winner is the person who tried to sabotage Laremy Tunsil minutes before being drafted into the NFL. Someone hacked into this young man’a account and started posting pictures and videos that were very disturbing. When I first saw them, I said this young man is foolish. Why would he do something so wreckless? Now don’t get me wrong, I know this young man is not a Saint, but none of us are. We have all made mistakes. However, for someone to do this to him or anyone for that matter, during a time when he should be celebrating is just cruel. I wish this young man, Laremy Tunsil all the best and I hope he learns from his mistakes. Please don’t fall into the trap like many before you. Take this opportunity to go higher. To the person behind this cruel and cowardly act, this FLAG is for you! You shall reap what you sow!