This week’s contenders are – Cleveland fans are contenders for trying to get anti-Lebron James licenses plates. Get your life! He has been gone for years now and so should your anger; Knicks’ JR Smith and the Nets’ Kris Humphries (K. Kardashians’ husband but not her baby daddy) are going after each other. Brooklyn beat NY and Humphries said that the Garden got quiet after the game. Smith replied back by saying that that the garden wasn’t so quiet last month when Kanye tore it down. Ouch; speaking of taunting…Duke Fans should be ashamed of themselves for chanting, “How is your grandmother?” during a game. The game was against their rival North Carolina State. They are contenders because they were taunting NC State’s guard, whose grandmother passed recently. My grandmother use to say some people can have so much book sense, but are still just plain stupid; the Brewers’ Ryan Brawn’s name appeared in evidence taken from a Miami Biogenesis clinic, after he was cleared of failing a drug test because of a mishandled urine sample; Redskins OB, R2D2 received the Rookie of the Year award in New Orleans last weekend, but refused to attend the Superbowl game, because he was not playing. Is he showing signs of being a DIVA? San Francisco Giants, Sergio Romo got into a scuffle with the TSA people at the airport. Ummm, while I feel his pain, violence is not the answer; an ex-LA cop, Christopher Dorner shot and killed a Cal State Fullerton basketball coach and her fiancé. He also stated in a package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Tebow needs to get away from the Jets because he is a great football player, and listed women athletes that he thought were beautiful like Serena Williams, Diana Taurasi, Brenda Villa and more. Ummmm, I am only going to say a few things…why does he look like a beefed up verse of LL Cool J? Mental illness is real, and I pray that he gets some help. He really knows his sports. He called the Jets’ Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez reality T.V. stars. For that reason, I will not give him a flag, plus he is still on the loose and the police can’t seem to find him, but the LA police couldn’t find OJ either; would give former 76ers’ Allen Iverson a flag, but he has loss his home, was ordered by a judge to attend AA meetings, and he lost custody of his children all in a short period of time, so I will let him slide too; Deion Sanders now thinks he is a doctor. He is diagnosing people with a disease called, “GREED!” He doesn’t think people who have suffered from brain disease should sue the NFL. Ummmm, he is a runner up but not the winner; before I announce the winner of this week’s Flag On The Play, I want to send a special congrats to Reindeer Ray and the Ray-vens for becoming the Superbowl Champions. This week’s winner is the city of New Orleans for having a blackout during the Superbowl. You had years to test and retest your system and you still didn’t get it right. You almost cause Reindeer and company the BIG game! For that you deserve this week’s FLAG!