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60 Seconds Time Out 052312

Athletes/Fans Behaving Badly – After OKC put the other LA team (FAKERS) out of their misery on Monday, violence erupted outside the arena injuring at least 8 people. Today, I am happy to report that a suspect has been arrested. Sports are meant to bring happiness. Someone has to lose. Stop the madness; B Fine’s wife is suing ESPN for defamation of character and claiming that she knew her husband abused young kids. Ok, lets look at his for a second…your husband brings young boys home often, and he was missing for hours at a time, but you never thought that was suspicious behavior? She may lose that one; speaking of losing battles…the Redskins and Cowboys loss their salary cap fight against the NFL. Redskins said they have to regroup and discuss how this affects their team. Jerry Jones on the other hand said it’s time to use the credit card. Ummmm, Jerry sometime we should not say out loud the things that we think; the Pacers drew blood yesterday (No, really. The foul on D Wade cause blood to run down his face). And people think Metta World Peace is out of control. I am going to say this again….it is not that serious! And the actions still did not stop that HEAT wave! Keep it up Miami; Congrats to the LA Kings for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. At least one LA team will advance; Congratulation also goes out to the Packers’ Donald Driver for winning Dancing With The Stars. Now, I need a dance off between you and Emmitt Smith!

60 Seconds Time Out 111512

Athletes/Organizations Behaving Badly – Why are Jets’ teammates speaking badly about Tebow? One player said that he was terrible! Coach Sexy Rexy Ryan called all the players who are talking bad about Tebow and not revealing who they are cowards. They should be thanking him. He is the only reason that fans are attending their games. Seriously, jealousy is not cute on you! Get over yourselves and figure out how to win games with Tebow; I really need to speak with someone from People Magazine. They came out with a list of sexiest men and guess who made the list? I will give you a hint…they are part of the NBA Champion Heat team. No, it’s not James or Wade, or Bosh. It’s Chalmers. He has been named the sexiest man from Alaska. Ummm, I am not going to say that I have seen sexier men from that state. Anyhoo, congrats; so Magic Johnson is now upset with the Lakers organizations. Not because they fired Mike Brown, not because Kobe and company haven’t won many games, but he is mad because Phil Jackson was not chosen to head the Lakers’ sinking ship, even though the fans cried out for him; Texas A&M’s receiver, Thomas Johnson was reported missing since Monday. Many feared he had been kidnapped, so that he could not play in this week’s game against Sam Houston State. Apparently he has been found unharmed. While I am concerned when any child goes missing, I say this is suspect. The people who reported him missing (his mother) may be a contender this week; some players, who are forced to leave the Lakers, have problems settling in other places. Remember Odom decided he just didn’t want to play in Dallas. Now the new 76ers’ Bynum is having an identity crisis. He can’t decide if he wants to be Don King or Ike Turner. Have you seen him lately? He is a contender this week; I am still trying to understand why punters are not in the NFL Hall of Fame, more importantly why the Raiders’ Ray Guy has not made it into the Hall of Fame. He is one of the best punters that have played the game. Am I the only one that thinks this is strange?

60 Seconds Time Out 070312

Athletes Behaving Badly – First it was Katie Holmes and Tome Cruise, now the Saints’ suspended coach, Sean Payton. He filed for divorce after almost 20 years. Not only did he lose his paycheck, he is losing his wife. I wonder if the lack of a year’s salary had anything to do with it. Most men learn that it is cheaper to keep her, when filing for divorce; Orlando’s Howard has reissued a trade request again, this time to the Brooklyn Nets. Wait, didn’t he commit to the Magic for next year? Ok, if you thought Lebron’s decision to leave Cleveland was crazy, I am wondering what you think about this. I mean at least James made a decision and stuck with it. SMH; Team USA may be in trouble. Howard, Bosh, Wade, Parker and now newbie, one eyebrow Davis are not going to be able to play. The number one draft pick, Davis sprain his ankle during practice with the Hornets. I hope this is not any indication of what his first professional season will be like; Tarmoh decided NOT to race Felix for the last spot in the 100m. She is protesting and thinks she won the race the first time around. While I support people standing up for what they believe in, I also think that people should choose your battles wisely. Now, the only way Tarmoh can go to the Olympics is as part of the relay team and then she must depend on others in order to get a medal. Besides, no one wants a quitter on the team, anyway; congrats to Michael Vick. He married his longtime girlfriend recently. I heard the wedding cost about $300,000; congratulations also goes out to the 5 women who made the USA Women Gymnastics Team – Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, and Jordyn Wieber. I think Team USA is ready for another GOLD!!!

60 Seconds Time Out 062012

Athletes/Wives/Sports Companies Behaving Badly – It is so HOT outside, I can’t take it, and neither can OKC; anyhoo…I don’t know who in Adidas thought it was HOT to create a sports shoe with shackles around the ankle. All the HOT responses made them rethink that idea. Like the Thunder who must rethink their next move after losing to Miami last night; LA Kings’ Doughty is being investigated for rape. Did LA athletes not learn from Kobe? Why put yourself in these situations? You have to be smarter. Almost like Westbrook who shouldn’t have fouled at the end of last night’s game, but the team shouldn’t have placed him in that situation; found out why Wade is struggling a little this year. His ex-wife is at it again. This time she was arrested and charged with attempted child abduction. Come on people. You have to stop doing things to torture each other and start thinking about what is best for the kids. It’s like Lebron, who was still playing the game despite the leg cramps. You have to think about the team, people; poor Tiger. He just can’t win for losing. Not only is his game struggling, his business and rankings are too. He is no longer the highest paid athlete. He has fallen to 3rd place. Guess who is numbers 1 & 2? Mayweather and Pacquiao. Lebron, of course is in the 4th spot. Stop hating; Mike Tyson is going to Broadway. This is Spike Lee’s first crack at Broadway and he teams up with a man who said that he wants to be humiliated and admits prowling for prostitutes. Ummmm, I am going to leave that alone, because I just can’t; congrats to the HEAT who are rising to the occasion! OKC fans, it’s not over. Your team can surprise everyone, including themselves. Don’t give up…..there is always next year!

60 Seconds Time Out 061812

Athletes/Assistant Coaches Behaving Badly – Bengals’ Pacman Jones has been ordered by a judge to pay $11 million dollars to victims of a shooting at a strip club in Las Vegas. Let me clarify he was NOT the gunman, but was associated with the gunman. So now people have to pay for other people’s crimes? What kind of justice system is this? Lesson learned here… be careful who you associate/hangout with. Did I mention that Jones is only slated to make $950K if he remains healthy this year? His pay check is gone before he gets it; speaking of criminals…the Sandusky trial resumed today. Why is the former Penn State assistant coach Sandusky’s lawyers claiming that he has a personality disorder? I could have told them that! Anyone that abuses kids has a personality disorder. It doesn’t make it right and they deserve JAIL TIME; the 5th all-time leading rusher, who is a former Chargers turned Jets LaDainian Tomlinson will retire after playing for 11 years. While I am certain he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, what do you think is next for him? Congrats to Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who won his 1st NASCAR Sprint Cup since 2008; I told you all Tiger’s last win didn’t mean he was back. He chocked at the US Open and Webb Simpson took the win; speaking of winners…King James is closer to a RING. Hi, Haters! Many are saying that OKC gave Miami the game. Guess what, they will take it! If they want to continue handing out win, let them. I am not mad. I know the series is not over, but my, my, my MIAMI is half way there!! Haters are you mad?

60 Seconds Time Out 061412

Athletes/Reporters Behaving Badly – I have even more contenders for this week’s award. NBA Commish, Stern was on Jim Rome’s radio show and was asked if the lottery pick was rigged. People, if you do not have evidence or facts don’t ask the question. You may end up with questions like Have you stopped beating your wife, which is what Stern asked Rome. If he responded with a yes or no, he was going to be in trouble. My mom always said if you can’t stand the Heat then stay out the kitchen; speaking of the Heat….D Wade said there is nothing to do in OKC. Ummmm, how about you focus more on the game than doing something other than ball. How about that; Boston’s (KG) Garnett was fined $25000 for not attending the post game 7 media event. Are you mad KG? Are you mad? Just when you thought the drug probe was over for Lance Armstrong, here it comes again. Ummmm, tax payers’ money could be used for better things Like prosecuting REAL criminals like Sandusky and Fine. Just saying; so a barman was arrested for stealing tennis star Nadal’s $376000 watch from his hotel room. I don’t know if I am mad that he stole and thought he wouldn’t get caught or that Nadal has a watch that cost $376000; The Giants/Patriots saga continues. NY’s head coach is made that New England snatched their TE off of waivers. If you snooze you lose. Get over it!

60 Seconds Time Out 060812

Let’s meet this week’s Flag On The Play” award contenders and decided who is most deserving – a DEA drug bust in Chicago includes the Packers Aaron Rodgers’ Superbowl XLV ring. I thought about giving it to him, but he is saying it was stolen, even though it wasn’t reported. I will let him slide this week. Cause I am in a good mood, since Lebron will get his 1st ring soon and silence all the naysayers; tennis star, Roger Federer yelling to the crowd, “Shut up!” is very deserving, but I like it when people get things off their chest. Look at what I on Wednesday and Miami won game 6; all the people mad that Puffy’s son got scholarships to UCLA, even though he earned them, but they have nothing to say about John Cougar Mellencamp’s son getting a football scholarship with no prior experience. This reminds me of all the people hating on Lebron being named MVP, even though he proved last night that he is just that an MVP and probably one of the GREATEST to ever play the game. They are tied for 1st runner up; Vanderbilt head coach, James Franklin stating that he only hires assistant coaches with HOT wives. Ocho Cinco is marrying Evelyn and I heard he needs a new job, since he was released by the Patriots. Others who may be available for the job after Saturday…Allen, Garnett, and Pierce; the Saints signed another QB and offer their current Superbowl champion, Brees a lower deal. Now that is just stupid! It seems like yesterday that Miami decided to sign their own BIG 3; this week’s winner is all the people who forgot that HEAT rises! I can’t tell you how many calls, emails, and text I received from people like Lorraine A McPherson, Ashley Patterson Hollingsworth, Micah Boyd, Eric Darby, Tennille Whittington, Alvin McLaughlin and more about the Celtics beating Miami in game 5. Strangely enough most of the LA/NY/Boston fans have said nothing today. This award is for you, baby! Miami is who we said they were…..THIS YEAR’S NBA CHAMPIONS!

60 Seconds Time Out 052112

Athletes Behaving Badly – Several NFL players have been arrested lately for drugs. I am shocked this morning that 4 out of 10 draft recruits actually failed school drug tests and 2 out of 10 failed multiple drug tests. An ex NFL player stated that drug use is a real issue in the NFL. So let me understand….the lawsuit against the NFL concerning damages to players’ brains should also include a drug use investigation? Pacers got a little too excited yesterday and poked fun at Lebron. Stephensen, I guess that isn’t a good look when you lose – he is definitely on this week’s contender list; happy to see D Wade was calm this game. He was a contender for last week’s Flag On The Play. He redeemed himself yesterday; if Bosh wanted more time with his new baby, he could just ask for FMLA. Still trying to figure out how you get a sprain abdomen playing basketball; Lakers fans have once again banned me from mentioning the team in my post. So here goes….the team which shall remain nameless, but is on the brink of being eliminated tonight like the other team in their hometown (Clippers) attention seeking member of the squad is blaming everyone but himself for their loss to OKC. Apparently, the attention seeker is now blaming the person who was suppose to be traded earlier this year. He said the trader should have played harder and his turnover at the end of the game is why they loss to the to the Thunder. Hmmm, I guess the attention seekers’ lack of baskets made and poor play and the others play during the other 3 quarters had nothing to do with it. It’s ok, attention seeker. It will be all over in the morning; anyhoo…congrats to the Spurs for sweeping their series. Should be a better series with OKC; So, I’ll Have Another won Preakness. Do you think he will have another at Belmont Stakes?  People I am back!!!

60 Seconds Time Out 041712

Athletes Behaving Badly – Ok, so not only can Saints’ suspended head coach contact any of his players or the team, he can’t even speak to people in the NFL. Seriously. If he says hi, he will be reported. I am all for punishing people, but this is extreme.  He can’t even say hi to his neighbor, because he is the GM; the Eagles Michael Vick is now saying that more should be done to help animals. He called out Alabama for not having tougher laws for cockfighting. His 16 months behind bars must have really changed him or is this just for publicity? Even though K Humphries scored 29 points, Lebron and the Wadeless Heat still won; the Wizards however beat the Roseless Bulls. How is it they can win against BIG teams (except the Heat), and can’t seem to win all the other games? The Thunder fell to the Clippers. Congrats to LA for making the playoffs. You earned it; Congrats to my home girl, LSU’s LaSondra Barrett for being picked in the first round of the WNBA draft. You are a welcomed addition to the Mystics; three high school students found season tickets to the Rockies and turned them in. Did I tell you that the tickets were worth about $1600? There are still good people in the world; sad to report that former Spurs’ Dwayne Schintzius died from leukemia. He was only 43. He was well known for his box top haircut. People, I am asking that you get tested. You may be the perfect match for someone.

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