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60 Seconds Time Out 052312

Athletes/Fans Behaving Badly – After OKC put the other LA team (FAKERS) out of their misery on Monday, violence erupted outside the arena injuring at least 8 people. Today, I am happy to report that a suspect has been arrested. Sports are meant to bring happiness. Someone has to lose. Stop the madness; B Fine’s wife is suing ESPN for defamation of character and claiming that she knew her husband abused young kids. Ok, lets look at his for a second…your husband brings young boys home often, and he was missing for hours at a time, but you never thought that was suspicious behavior? She may lose that one; speaking of losing battles…the Redskins and Cowboys loss their salary cap fight against the NFL. Redskins said they have to regroup and discuss how this affects their team. Jerry Jones on the other hand said it’s time to use the credit card. Ummmm, Jerry sometime we should not say out loud the things that we think; the Pacers drew blood yesterday (No, really. The foul on D Wade cause blood to run down his face). And people think Metta World Peace is out of control. I am going to say this again….it is not that serious! And the actions still did not stop that HEAT wave! Keep it up Miami; Congrats to the LA Kings for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. At least one LA team will advance; Congratulation also goes out to the Packers’ Donald Driver for winning Dancing With The Stars. Now, I need a dance off between you and Emmitt Smith!

60 Seconds Time Out 062712

Athletes Behaving Badly – Knicks’ Stoudemire was fined $50K for using “offensive and derogatory language” on twitter about a fan. How many times do I have to tell people, if you think it, sometimes you shouldn’t say it out loud? On top of that stop putting your business on Facebook, Twitter, etc; the 2012 Olympics are right around the corner and the Spurs’ Tony Parker may miss it, because of foolishness. His cornea was scratched during the Chris Brown/Drake fight at a NY club. Why is he now suing the club for millions of dollars? Too many things have happened in NY clubs – Plaxico is still plagued by his choice to hang out there; happy to report that college football will now have playoffs, but not until 2014. Seriously?!! Don’t understand why this wasn’t already in place; Larry Bird may be leaving the Pacers. Where will the Bird land next? I heard that his exit is the reason Indiana’s GM, Morway resigned; ex-Lakers/Mavs Odom may be headed back to LA, this time with the Clippers. I heard the Clippers may want to trade Williams for Lamar. May the return to the fun and sun will help Odom; LaDainian Tomlinson didn’t get a championship ring, but is considered one of the greatest of all time. So now that Lebron has one, can he now be called great? Haters need not respond! Congrats, again to Miami!

60 Seconds Time Out 062212

This week’s “Flag On The Play” award – Even though the designers at Adidas, who thought it was a good idea to create a sports shoe with shackles around the ankle, are well deserving this week, Senator John McCain and Senator Harry Reid proposed legislation to set up a US Boxing commission, but can’t agree on giving women equal pay for equal work. They will be runner-ups; I will give them another chance to get it right; I thought about crowning the 6 year old who had a complete meltdown after game 3 with this week’s award, but I love kids too much; speaking of kids….the jury in the Sandusky case haven’t reached a verdict. I thought about giving them the award, but I will wait for the verdict first; I thought about giving the award to the 28 year old guy who kept calling 911 demanding to peak with Tebow and Lebron, but I figured since he was still living with his mom at that age, he needs more than award; giving the award to all the people who said that Miami would not win a ring this year (LA/BOSTON/CHICAGO/OKC/SAN ANTONIO/INDIANA/NY fans) was just too easy. So, I decided against it. The fact that the Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions says enough; this week award goes to some more deserving people….the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, who promised that his Cavs would win a championship before Lebron James, and all the Cleveland fans, who are still mad 2 years later. Price to get Lebron to leave Cavs and join the Heat – $96 million dollars for 5 years. Price of the Miami Heat’s Championship shirt at the NBA store – $29.99. Price to see Gilbert and Cleveland fans disappointed again – priceless! You still mad? Nonetheless, this week’s award belongs to you!

60 Seconds Time Out 052412

Athletes/NBA/Magazines Behaving Badly – Now you know tha I am all for punishing people who intentionally injure people in sports, but I think the punishment has to be fair.  What you do for one, you have to do for all. There were 3 flagrant fouls in the Pacers/Heat game on Tuesday, but Miami was the only team to receive suspensions. I really think the NBA wants to force a game 7. I think the NBA may be this week’s winner of the Flag On The Play Award; Sports Illustrated is being sued by Nelson (former UCLA  basketball player) for printing false information about him and his relationship with his teammates. I have heard of companies beefing up their story, but almost every part of the article seems to be false. Ummmm, they deserve to pay $10 million. You need to check and triple check information before publishing anything; Former NBA player, Dennis Rodman os saying that he needs to be drunk in order for people to hire him. He claims that being sober is not all that it has cracked up to be. Rodman says that people want him to be wild and crazy, not sober. Ummm, maybe it’s not him being sober or drunk, but the fact that he is not reliable; so Orlando is interested in interviewing Shaq as GM, even though he has no front office experience. I am not mad, and support this move, because this means I would no longer be forced to hear him talk with Charles and crew about basketball. Please go, Shaq; congrats to the Sixers for forcing a game 7 against the Celtics. Boston looks really tired; congrats also goes out to New Jersey Devils who are one win away from their 1st appearance at the Stanley Cup Championship.

60 Seconds Time Out 052112

Athletes Behaving Badly – Several NFL players have been arrested lately for drugs. I am shocked this morning that 4 out of 10 draft recruits actually failed school drug tests and 2 out of 10 failed multiple drug tests. An ex NFL player stated that drug use is a real issue in the NFL. So let me understand….the lawsuit against the NFL concerning damages to players’ brains should also include a drug use investigation? Pacers got a little too excited yesterday and poked fun at Lebron. Stephensen, I guess that isn’t a good look when you lose – he is definitely on this week’s contender list; happy to see D Wade was calm this game. He was a contender for last week’s Flag On The Play. He redeemed himself yesterday; if Bosh wanted more time with his new baby, he could just ask for FMLA. Still trying to figure out how you get a sprain abdomen playing basketball; Lakers fans have once again banned me from mentioning the team in my post. So here goes….the team which shall remain nameless, but is on the brink of being eliminated tonight like the other team in their hometown (Clippers) attention seeking member of the squad is blaming everyone but himself for their loss to OKC. Apparently, the attention seeker is now blaming the person who was suppose to be traded earlier this year. He said the trader should have played harder and his turnover at the end of the game is why they loss to the to the Thunder. Hmmm, I guess the attention seekers’ lack of baskets made and poor play and the others play during the other 3 quarters had nothing to do with it. It’s ok, attention seeker. It will be all over in the morning; anyhoo…congrats to the Spurs for sweeping their series. Should be a better series with OKC; So, I’ll Have Another won Preakness. Do you think he will have another at Belmont Stakes?  People I am back!!!

60 Seconds Time Out 040312

Athletes/Fans Behaving Badly – Congratulations to Kentucky and my homeboy, Assistant Coach Kenny Payne for winning the Men’s NCAA Championship. Did anyone really think Kansas was going to win? I knew they were done, after the first half. I asked if it was too late for Ohio to take their place. This should be a good thing for Kentucky fans, right? Wrong. Fans took to the stree…ts of New Orleans celebrating the victory and that is where the mayhem began. Fires and multiple shootings filled the streets, halting many celebrations. People stop this madness! It’s just a game; Cleveland pitcher, Jimenez was suspended for 5 games for hitting a former teammate on the elbow in a spring training game on Sunday. I know he was unhappy in Colorado, but there are other ways to work off your frustration. He claims that it was an accident. He said he can’t get the ball to go where he wants all the time. Ummmm, isn’t that what he is paid to do? Ok, so now people are claiming that OJ Simpson did not kill his ex-wife, his son did. Ummmm, don’t know why it has taken people so long to think of this. I said he should be questioned when they first started investigating; anyhoo, Goodell said that it’s ok, if Parcells coaches the Saints. I guess it is, since he is holding a meeting to discuss punishment for Saints players who participated in the bounty fiasco. Parcells may be coaching scrubs. Still laughing at this; former Pacers, Reggie Miller was named to the American Basketball Hall of Fame. Also included in his class are Ralph Sampson, Jamaal Wilkes, & Don Nelson; so Nike is set to unveil their new NFL team jerseys today. I heard the Panthers have a new logo.

60 Seconds Time Out 012312

Athletes Behaving Badly – 49ers’ Kyle Williams who fumbled a punt & ended the 49ers hopes of going to the Superbowl this year; Ravens’ kicker Billy Cundiff who missed a field goal that would have tied the game & their wide receiver Lee Evans, who had a winning touchdown in his hands and dropped it. Pick one. They all have received this week’s award; Ummmm, also receiving an award for the worse national anthem ever is Steven Tyler. I love this man, but really? Kelly will not be going to the Bucs after all. I wonder if the Texans’ Wade Phillips will reapply for the top position. His season is now over; Steelers OC Arians has announced his retirement. Is Ben in trouble? Speaking of people out of the championship…Serena Williams is out of the Australian Open. Maybe she should have worn one of her outrageous outfits; Anyhoo, the Lakers lose another one this time to the Pacers. I guess the 40+ points’ games for the attention seeker are over. That is 3 loses in a row for them. The Heat lose to the Bucks at home. This cannot be a good sign; Sad to report that Joe Paterno loss his battle with cancer yesterday. Please keep his family lifted in your prayers.

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