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60 Seconds Time Out 052312

Athletes/Fans Behaving Badly – After OKC put the other LA team (FAKERS) out of their misery on Monday, violence erupted outside the arena injuring at least 8 people. Today, I am happy to report that a suspect has been arrested. Sports are meant to bring happiness. Someone has to lose. Stop the madness; B Fine’s wife is suing ESPN for defamation of character and claiming that she knew her husband abused young kids. Ok, lets look at his for a second…your husband brings young boys home often, and he was missing for hours at a time, but you never thought that was suspicious behavior? She may lose that one; speaking of losing battles…the Redskins and Cowboys loss their salary cap fight against the NFL. Redskins said they have to regroup and discuss how this affects their team. Jerry Jones on the other hand said it’s time to use the credit card. Ummmm, Jerry sometime we should not say out loud the things that we think; the Pacers drew blood yesterday (No, really. The foul on D Wade cause blood to run down his face). And people think Metta World Peace is out of control. I am going to say this again….it is not that serious! And the actions still did not stop that HEAT wave! Keep it up Miami; Congrats to the LA Kings for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. At least one LA team will advance; Congratulation also goes out to the Packers’ Donald Driver for winning Dancing With The Stars. Now, I need a dance off between you and Emmitt Smith!

60 Seconds Time Out 120412

People on Santa’s Naughty List – the Spurs just can’t get it right…first they were fined $250K for resting their starters during a nationally televised game. Now, pictures have surfaced of their starters, Duncan and Parker holding guns to the head of a person dressed up as controversial referee, Crawford. We have enough gun violence, without these two pretending to threaten someone with play guns. This is NOT cute! If something happens to Crawford, they are the first people that I will suspect. They deserve more than a FLAG and placement on SANTA’s NAUGHTY LIST; the Eagles announce that Foles will be their starting QB for the rest of the season. People are speculating that this means Vick will not be in Philly next year. So what tipped you off….the fact that his concussion has him sideline for the rest of the season (which I don’t know of another player who was sidelined for the rest of the season because of a concussion, but who am I) or the fact that they haven’t won many games this year? I don’t understand why this is news. Ever since he took those pictures with the Milk Bones on the table, things haven’t been right for him; communication between the players and management in the NHL is not going well. We may not have a hockey season this year. I am still mad, because I was hoping to have half a season or something. This is crazy and they both deserve flags and a spot on the naughty list. Enough already; Sports Illustrated selected their Sportsman of the Year. No it’s not Kobe “The Attention Seeker” Bryant, or Eli Manning, or David Beckham. It’s Miami’s Lebron James. This man is like Alicia Keys…On FIRE! Cleveland fans, it has been years. Get over it. This man deserves this award and many more; happy birthday shout put to Stanton Hollingsworth. Too bad your G-AIN’Ts could give you a better present! Speaking of the G-AIN’Ts, R2D2 and company really did a number on you all last night. To all the NY fans, it doesn’t matter if it was 1 or 100 points, you all still loss! The road to another Superbowl doesn’t look good for NY right now. Congrats to the Redskins. Let’s see if their streak continues next week against the Ravens.

60 Seconds Time Out 111412

Athletes/Fans/Organizations Behaving Badly – Gold medalist and soccer great, Hope Solo is in the news again, but not for drugs this time. Her fiancé, former Seahawk Jerramy Stevens (they have only being dating for 2 months – Ummmm, wait is this faster than Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom?) was arrested the day before their wedding for domestic abuse. She is the supposed victim, but why are they still talking about getting married? Ladies, if he hit you one time he will hit you again! Stop the madness and let that situation go. There are other men out there that will treat you so much better; so a Texas A&M fan bet a friend that he would get a tattoo of the score on his behind if Texas A&M won the game. Well he loss and got a tattoo of the score, but why does it say ATM 29 vs. Bama 24? Isn’t the name of the school Texas A&M? People, stop this foolishness! He is a definite contender this week for not only getting a tattoo of a score, but for not getting the name right; speaking of contenders…Commissioner Stern and the NBA are debating if they should place advertisement patches on the jerseys of the players. They expect to make over $100 million in additional revenue. Why do they need more revenue? Can you imagine Kobe with a Maxi Pad advertisement on his jersey? This may be a good thing for him though. He can use them to soak up all his tears after losing games like the one last night against the Spurs. Just saying; another contender this week is the Pennsylvania high school hockey team that banned the National Anthem from being played because they wanted to save on the rental cost. The school said that the cost of ice rink was expensive and they wanted to save money somewhere. What is the US coming to? First prayer, now the National Anthem. This is too much! People, we as a country have to do better!

60 Seconds Time Out 091712

Athletes/Referees/Fans/Organizations Behaving Badly – the NHL is locked out. I was fearful that the Saturday deadline would pass and we wouldn’t have a deal. We may never see a game in 2012. This is crazy. Give the players what they want; speaking of giving people what they want… the NFL has to hurry and get the old refs back into action, so the game of football can be saved. I can’t take it anymore! Did you see all the crazy calls/none calls? Whom do I need to call, because this is not going to work, but they should keep the 1st female NFL ref, Shannon Eastin. The NFL is definitely a contender this week; I don’t understand why the Giants fans are so happy this morning that the Cowboys loss yesterday. It still doesn’t take away from the whipping that NY received from Dallas on September 5th; another contender this week is the Redskins’ Josh Morgan for his penalty yesterday that took Washington out of field goal range. While he was stupid for the dumb penalty at a crucial point of the game, the Redskins were not going to beat the Rams. Sorry; congratulations to all the teams that won yesterday – 49ers – my fantasy football team thanks you, Giants – and?, Rams – CP3O (Griffin) couldn’t save the Skins, Eagles – Michael Vick three several picks and still managed to win, Steelers – I trade Roethlisberger for Romo and then Big Ben decides to make big plays, Bills – you played the Chiefs, I expected you to win, Bengals – they only played the Browns, Dolphins – The Raiders fans are mad, Colts – Luck looked good yesterday, Cardinals – Brady and the Pats are still trying to figure out what happened, Panthers – With Cam Newton anything is possible. Oh, that Cam, that Cam!, Packers – still doesn’t make up for your loss last week, Texans – I am telling you. You had better watch out for the Texans even though they only played the Jags, Seattle – the refs assisted them with their win, and Chargers – you played the Titans.

60 Seconds Time Out 080912

Athletes/Media Behaving Badly – so a radio personality is suing the Predators over a human hockey puck stunt that he agreed to participate in. Ummm, let me understand this…..a person agreeing to participate in a dangerous event can turn around and sue if they get injured? What is wrong with our justice system? What is the deal with the media calling Lolo Jones the Anna Kornikovia of track and field? Hmmm, the woman had spinal surgery last year, she qualified for the finals in the Olympics, she placed 4th in the Olympic finals, she is talented, and has won titles. That is the story you should have been report. Why do try so hard to bring people down? Get a life; so Kobe gets it done yesterday for team USA. Congrats. I guess he should play more drinking games between games at the Olympics; NFL games are on tonight. Who are you cheering for? Let’s add Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Allyson Felix, Aries Merritt, and Brittney Reese to the GOLDEN Club. Olympic trivia time….What year did women first start competing in the Olympic Games? Jeopardy music is playing……1900

60 Seconds Time Out 062012

Athletes/Wives/Sports Companies Behaving Badly – It is so HOT outside, I can’t take it, and neither can OKC; anyhoo…I don’t know who in Adidas thought it was HOT to create a sports shoe with shackles around the ankle. All the HOT responses made them rethink that idea. Like the Thunder who must rethink their next move after losing to Miami last night; LA Kings’ Doughty is being investigated for rape. Did LA athletes not learn from Kobe? Why put yourself in these situations? You have to be smarter. Almost like Westbrook who shouldn’t have fouled at the end of last night’s game, but the team shouldn’t have placed him in that situation; found out why Wade is struggling a little this year. His ex-wife is at it again. This time she was arrested and charged with attempted child abduction. Come on people. You have to stop doing things to torture each other and start thinking about what is best for the kids. It’s like Lebron, who was still playing the game despite the leg cramps. You have to think about the team, people; poor Tiger. He just can’t win for losing. Not only is his game struggling, his business and rankings are too. He is no longer the highest paid athlete. He has fallen to 3rd place. Guess who is numbers 1 & 2? Mayweather and Pacquiao. Lebron, of course is in the 4th spot. Stop hating; Mike Tyson is going to Broadway. This is Spike Lee’s first crack at Broadway and he teams up with a man who said that he wants to be humiliated and admits prowling for prostitutes. Ummmm, I am going to leave that alone, because I just can’t; congrats to the HEAT who are rising to the occasion! OKC fans, it’s not over. Your team can surprise everyone, including themselves. Don’t give up…..there is always next year!

60 Seconds Time Out 060512

Athletes Behaving Badly – So there was a DEA drug bust in Chicago and what did they find but the Packers Aaron Rodgers’ Superbowl XLV ring. Now you all know that it has been said that the NFL has a real drug problem that needs to be addressed, but now Mr. Rodgers is saying that his ring was stolen. Ummmm, ok right, right. It reminds me of a song that says…”it wasn’t me!” Anyhoo, Penn State’s Sandusky trial has begun, and witnesses were told they must use their real names. Haven’t they been through enough? This OLD man abused them. We need to find better ways to protect victims of abuse; Boston’s Rondo is at it again. He stated that Miami has been complaining and crying to the referees. Ummmm, stop blowing 20+ points leads then talk to me. Besides that last game, everyone had a lot to complain and cry about. Hopefully the refs get it right tonight; Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has a new underwear line coming out in September. Don’t do it! The Williams sisters created a clothing line and they have not been the same. Just saying; New York’s Stoudemire proposed to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his 3 kids. He has all the time in the world to fly to Paris and propose. It’s not like he is playing in a championship game or anything; the LA Kings are one win away from a Stanley Cup. LA fans have something to cheer about, especially since the other teams let them down. Devils, what are you going to do? I wonder if it is a coincidence that when OKC wins, DC has storms. I guess the same storms blew through San Antonio last night. Amazed, that I haven’t heard from the Spurs fans, even though they couldn’t stop talking after the first two games. As a matter of fact they had crowned the Spurs champions. Miami v Boston tonight who you got?

60 Seconds Time Out 052412

Athletes/NBA/Magazines Behaving Badly – Now you know tha I am all for punishing people who intentionally injure people in sports, but I think the punishment has to be fair.  What you do for one, you have to do for all. There were 3 flagrant fouls in the Pacers/Heat game on Tuesday, but Miami was the only team to receive suspensions. I really think the NBA wants to force a game 7. I think the NBA may be this week’s winner of the Flag On The Play Award; Sports Illustrated is being sued by Nelson (former UCLA  basketball player) for printing false information about him and his relationship with his teammates. I have heard of companies beefing up their story, but almost every part of the article seems to be false. Ummmm, they deserve to pay $10 million. You need to check and triple check information before publishing anything; Former NBA player, Dennis Rodman os saying that he needs to be drunk in order for people to hire him. He claims that being sober is not all that it has cracked up to be. Rodman says that people want him to be wild and crazy, not sober. Ummm, maybe it’s not him being sober or drunk, but the fact that he is not reliable; so Orlando is interested in interviewing Shaq as GM, even though he has no front office experience. I am not mad, and support this move, because this means I would no longer be forced to hear him talk with Charles and crew about basketball. Please go, Shaq; congrats to the Sixers for forcing a game 7 against the Celtics. Boston looks really tired; congrats also goes out to New Jersey Devils who are one win away from their 1st appearance at the Stanley Cup Championship.

60 Seconds Time Out 042612

Athletes/Coaches/Organizations Behaving Badly – An Israeli basketball team has hired ex-Syracuse associate coach Bernie Fine as a consultant. Let’s just hope there are no young boys on the team; former Bengals’ linebacker Webster was convicted of sexual crimes that involved a 15 year old. He may be sentenced up to 36 ½ years in prison. One question…was it worth it? The NFL All Star Game (better known as the Pro Bowl) may be suspended for a while. Does anyone care? I mean in recent years, the game has been a snoozer; Ex-Bobcat’s coach Larry Brown is still talking about Michael Jordan as a horrible owner, and his concern for the Charlotte basketball team. He is not alone though. Remember Barkely was the first to question Jordan hiring of “Yes” men. After posting a losing record this season, do you think there may be some truth to this? New Orleans fans you can rest a little easier today, Goodell will not announce punishments this week for Saints players, who participated in the bounty scandal. This is great, because I would hate for anything to overshadow the draft. Do you think Luck or RG3 will go first? People, if you are not watching hockey you are missing out on some great games. The Capitals beat the Bruins last night in a win or go home game. The Caps advanced to the next round. Congrats, Caps! Do you think they can win this thing? I do.

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