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60 Seconds Time Out 052312

Athletes/Fans Behaving Badly – After OKC put the other LA team (FAKERS) out of their misery on Monday, violence erupted outside the arena injuring at least 8 people. Today, I am happy to report that a suspect has been arrested. Sports are meant to bring happiness. Someone has to lose. Stop the madness; B Fine’s wife is suing ESPN for defamation of character and claiming that she knew her husband abused young kids. Ok, lets look at his for a second…your husband brings young boys home often, and he was missing for hours at a time, but you never thought that was suspicious behavior? She may lose that one; speaking of losing battles…the Redskins and Cowboys loss their salary cap fight against the NFL. Redskins said they have to regroup and discuss how this affects their team. Jerry Jones on the other hand said it’s time to use the credit card. Ummmm, Jerry sometime we should not say out loud the things that we think; the Pacers drew blood yesterday (No, really. The foul on D Wade cause blood to run down his face). And people think Metta World Peace is out of control. I am going to say this again….it is not that serious! And the actions still did not stop that HEAT wave! Keep it up Miami; Congrats to the LA Kings for reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. At least one LA team will advance;┬áCongratulation also goes out to the Packers’ Donald Driver for winning Dancing With The Stars. Now, I need a dance off between you and Emmitt Smith!

60 Seconds Time Out 022812

Athletes Behaving Badly – One runner (Downard) was stripped of his 1st place finish in the Cowtown marathon (don’t laugh) because he did not sign up for the race. Let me understand this you ran a marathon and it slipped your mind that you had to sign up? Apparently, one of his friends couldn’t make the race and gave him his tags. Obviously he didn’t think he would win; So the Lakers’ Attention Seeker (Kobe) has a broken nose and a concussion after playing in the NBA All-Star game. Ummm, is he seeking attention again? I didn’t see all that; Daytona 500 is finally over. Our girl Danica finished, but where I thought she would. They even had a crash/fire that stopped the race for 2 hours. One of the drivers started tweeting in the middle of it. Watch out there may be a ban on that next. No tweeting while racing. Wait, I think that is a law against that. You cannot tweet and drive; did anyone else know that Dallas’ Delonte West was homeless? When he first moved to Dallas he was sleeping in the locker room and in his car. People, watch what you do in your past sometimes it comes back to haunt you; Speaking of homeless – T.O. homes in Dallas are in foreclosure. Why do people need more than one home in one city? So DWTS has 2 athletes in this season’s cast: tennis GREAT Martina Navratilova and Packers’ Donald Driver. This should be good.

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