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60 Seconds Time Out 080715

60 Seconds Time Out: This week’s FLAG ON THE PLAY winner is ex-Eagles turned Washington receiver, DeSean Jackson. Earlier this week, he stated that no cornerback in the NFL could stop him. He hit the blocking sled during practice and separated his shoulder. Ummmmmmmm, imagine if he hit a cornerback. He would have more than a shoulder injury. I guess he will have several seats for a few weeks! It’s football season people, and Washington’s DeSean Jackson got this week’s FLAG! Feel better soon DeSean. I don’t want Washington fans to use your injury as an excuse for them losing ALL their games this year. Have a good one, peeps! Read More


60 Seconds Time Out 073115

Can the foolishness and support for foolishness, please stop! I am tired of hearing about the CHEATriots’ Pretty Boy Tom Brady’s deflated balls. He scammed to win a championship got caught and was penalized. It could’ve been a lot worse. He should take his 4 game suspension like a man and shut up! Instead this CHEATER decides that he would file an appeal. Ummmmm, Pretty Boy you are not innocent! We saw the text messages. We know you instructed staff (who have been fired over this mess) to help you cheat. Stop wasting everyone’s time and money. It cost to go to court and the NFLPA is NOT free! Have several seats! I am tired of this being part of any news especially sports news. You should’ve been kicked out of the NFL for your part in this foolishness. People who fail drug testing get a four game suspension. People who hit women/kids have been suspended for a year and kicked out the NFL. You cheat other hardworking teams out of a championship and you are crying about a four game suspension. Take a seat and this week’s FLAG ON THE PLAY award with! Pretty Boy Tome Brady and all his supporters, this week’s FLAG is for you! JUST STOP IT

60 Seconds Time Out 071715

This week’s winner is anyone criticizing Serena Williams and stating that she looks like a man. Get your life and have several seats! You wish you looked that good! That is all!

60 Seconds Time Out 071015

This week’s Flag On The Play winners are the Giants’ Jason Pierre Paul and the Bucs’ CJ Wilson. You all know that these football players are always acting up, but this situation takes it to a new level. Both players thought it was a good idea to play with firecrackers and blow their fingers off. Now their jobs are in danger. Dumb for no reason! They didn’t have this to do. Note to everyone out there……..doing stupid things can cost you everything! Stop the foolishness. Pierre Paul and Wilson this FLAG is for you. Take it and go sit down somewhere with your missing fingers! Just stupid! Stupid

60 Seconds Time Out 061215

I see former NFL athlete Ray McDonald found himself in the news again. He tried to sue a woman who accused him of rape. He filed a defamation of character lawsuit but the judge threw it out. Have several seats and don’t ever get up; I see UNC Chapel Hill were placed on a 12 month probation for its questionable handling of athletes academics. Did you really think you could get away with it? Have a seat; for all the people running around like tornadoes (yes, I said tornadoes like that cop car) saying that the Cavs King James exposed himself on National television, you are this week’s DESPERATE Flag On The Play winner! You had to be really looking and looking and looking some more to see all of that! Have the floor because you don’t deserve a seat!

60 Seconds Time Out 051515

This week’s Flag On The Play winner is the Wizards’ Paul Pierce who hit a three pointer with seconds left on the game clock. He turned to the Hawks bench and said “Series!” I guess, he didn’t realize that the series would be in Atlanta’s favor. The Hawks scored with only seconds left on the clock to win the game. Note to all the Paul Pierces out there…….FINISH THE GAME FIRST! Pierce, this FLAG and the seat on the bench is for you! Have several.

60 Seconds Time Out 050115

With all the violence happening in the US and the World right now, no one, I mean absolutely no one (especially the Rockets Social Media Manager) should ever think that tweeting out a picture of a horse with a gun pointed at its head and the words, “Shhhhh. Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon.” is clever and funny. That was the dumbest thing EVER. The Houston employee deserves more than a PINK SLIP. How about this week’s FLAG ON THE PLAY award? UNEMPLOYED Chad Shanks, this FLAG is for you!

60 Seconds Time Out 041715

This week’s Flag On the Play winner is side chick/piece Stiviano and Doald Sterling’s wife Shelly. A judge ruled that Stiviano must hand over everything that Sterling purchased for her. All the lavis gifts and even her expensive thongs. Ummmmmm, really?!!! That is nasty What is Shelly going to do with those thongs? I am just saying…

60 Seconds TIme Out 041315

Good morning people. So last week’s FLAG On The PLAY went to boxer Marvin Jones. I understand that some people cannot go anywhere without their cellphones, but come on. Jones’ cellphone was dropped during a boxing match? What call was he expecting? Maybe he was like the Patriots and recording his opponent’s moves in order to perfect his own for the next time. Or maybe he was going to use it to call 911, when got knocked out. Who knows……….either way it’s not a good look. If you are going to be creative like that at least win. He lost the match. Marvin Jones this FLAG is for you and that call you thought was so important that it couldn’t wait until after the fight.

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